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Skye McClure

Principal Software Engineer

Essentially a rogue AI that breathes new code into existence. Dabbling in every aspect of software creation: coding, design, mathematics, data structure, graphics, and more. Skye takes a creative approach in their process, making them a versatile  software engineer. No task is to obscure, or too outside the box for this Polymath of programming.

Lucas Able

CIO / Founding Partner of ATLATL

Specializing in Graphic Design and 3D game development since the age of 14, Lucas is the backbone of the development team. His ability to create solutions to any problem and adapt to new technology quickly keep AtlAtl on the cutting edge of development. A pioneer for the current wave of VR development he is one of the most experienced developers in Virtual Reality today.

Justin Able

 Founding Partner of ATLATL.

A 14 year veteran of the US Navy Submarine force, Justin has a background in Training and Curriculum development. Also an accomplished mechanical engineer, and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, Atlatl's  leader provides a unique perspective to any project with their broad scope of experience. 

Meet our team

What is an AtlAtl?

Atlatls are ancient weapons that preceded the bow and arrow in most parts of the world and are one of humankind's first mechanical inventions they use leverage to achieve greater velocity in Javelin and dart throwing.

Much like the atlatl our early projects and code where very simple, but highly effective.

Our core philosophy of stability and intuitiveness hasn't changed since those early days of developing on recycled laptops and old cell phones, but looking at the current VR landscape it is obvious that the industry as a whole has not adopted the same policy.

We can offer something that other don't, curated VR experiences in a timely manner with simple, FAIR pricing, and no hidden fees or charges and flexible options for hardware and software delivery.

With our experience in Video Game Development we offer high quality Virtual Reality experiences for your employees, clients, or constituents that are intuitive, stable, and most importantly engaging. We will also prioritize ease of use for you or your operator so that no special employee requirements are needed to run our software for your business.

Don't Waste your time or budget on a stale, cooperate feeling experience that is forgettable and does a disservice to VR. 

Why is AtlAtl?

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