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Little Planet 3D Launcher

Downshift VR

Dockstar Thrusters Demo

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This Mobile VR experience was Deployed on multiple Headsets during the 2022 Seattle Boat show. The purpose was to demonstrate the use of wirelessly controlled bow thrusters used to easily and safely docking waterborne vessels.

Potential buyers interacted with a virtual lake environment that included custom company branding and used model of the clients proprietary bluetooth controller to pilot a small boat with the wireless thrusters up to a dock. The experience provides positive feedback upon completion of the docking procedure with audio and visual effects, and automatically reset itself for the next user without any intervention from the operator.

This VR demonstration allowed a small family owned business to compete with much larger and better funded companies for valuable interaction time with potential buyers.

Compatible Equipment:

Meta Quest 2

Android Mobile Device

Development Time: 2 Weeks

Built for Synthesis VR, an industry leader in LBVR entertainment, this customer launch portal was designed to tie in seamlessly with Synthesis existing customer launch portal to allow arcade goers to quickly choose their own content or learn the controls prior to launching a licenced VR experience.

Little planet is also fully integrated with the browser based access point.

This allows operators to adjust custom branding, game categories, available titles and many more options.

The experience is an optimized 3D environment on a miniaturized planet with stunning visuals.

Customers can use the VR representations of the physical controllers to interact with objects, navigate through categories and games, play game trailers, and easily launch external applications. Players may also explore the little planet and test various functions of the controllers with the included mini-games.

This VR application is part video game, part user interface, and allows VR arcade operators to facilitate customers in a way that is intuitive and exciting.

Compatible Equipment: All Arcade Ready VR headsets.

Development Time: 5 Months

A one of a kind VR racing experience purpose-built for Location-Based Virtual Reality venues.

Easy controls, arcade aesthetic, and exciting tracks set this game apart from the hardcore racing simulators without losing any of the challenge.

Race head-to-head with up to 6 players or battle it out with the AI as you race across beautifully designed tracks riddled with traps and obstacles.

Comfort modes for motion sickness include optional Peripheral dampening and 2D Arcade booth display mode that can be instantly switched on or off mid-game.

Accessibility settings for Wheel-only driving and automatic acceleration/braking for children that can't reach the pedals and persons with disabilities.

Automatic matchmaking for up to 6 VR racing simulators, with option to choose car and track for bypassing pre-race player options.

Choose the number of races directly from launch with no interruption between races.

Easy Customizations from the operator panel. 

Compatible Equipment: All WMR VR Headsets, HTC PCVR Headsets, HP Reverb G2, all Meta PCVR Headsets.

Logitech and Thrustmaster Racing Wheels

All Simtools compatible Motion Platforms.

Development Time: 9 Months

Past Projects.